Viennese (Austrian) genealogical sources


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Population registers for individual residents of the city of Vienna, Austria, 1850-1928 (male + female)

Meldezettel (männliche und weibliche Personen), 1850-1928

Name, birth date and place, marital status, old and new places of residence, dates of arrival and departure. Occasionally the name of spouse and children are listed. Most records range from 1890 to 1925

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Registers of male births. Includes death dates and towns where individuals relocated. 1858-1901

Militär-Stammrollen, 1858-1901

Registers of male births, for military conscription

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Civil register of deaths in Vienna, Austria 1648-1920
House owners 1779

Sterberegister, 1648-1920

Haus-Eigenthümer, 1779

Civil register of deaths in Vienna

House owners

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Military personnel sheets for soldiers of the Austrian army 1790-1920

Grundbuchblätter: Bundesrepublik Österreich, 1790-1920

Soldiers of the Austrian army born within the states of Vienna (Wien), Lower Austria (Niederösterreich), Upper Austria (Oberösterreich), Styria (Steiermark), Carinthia (Kärnten), Salzburg, Burgenland, Tirol, and Vorarlberg. Alphabetically by surname within each state.

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Muster sheets, military records, 1760-1900

Kopfzettel der Gemusterten, 1760-1900

Individual muster sheets for soldiers registerd at Wien, arranged alphabetically according to birth year. Includes individuals born throughout the Austrian Empire.

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Register of passports, Vienna, Austria, 1792-1918

Paßregister 1792-1918

Passports of citizens recorded at Vienna, Austria, 1792-1918

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Collected emigration and immigration data for Germany, Austria, Russia + collection for Germany, Preußen, Rheinland, Coblenz.

Auswandererkartei mit Familienangehörigen, 1750-1943

Index cards, arranged alphabetically by surname, for German emigrants and their family members, 1750-1943

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